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Remos GX
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Developed in Pasewalk Germany the Remos GX is hand built with the precision and quality that we’ve come to expect from German Engineering.  The Remos GX; although relatively new to the American Market, has been a leader in the light sport aircraft category for more then

10 years in the European Market.  In the late 1980’s there was a necessity in Europe for a quietter and more economical alternative to the aircraft that were being used.  With this necessity in place the engineers at Remos went to work.  In 1997 they answered the call with the first line of Remos Aircraft; The Remos G3.  The G3 served as the test bed from which would come the Remos GX.  With all of the great qualities that the G3 offered along with a few improvements the GX developed into an aircraft that to this day is unrivaled in the light sport catagory.

Though the Remos GX conforms to the standards of the Light Sport Aircraft Category it is by no means any less of an aircraft than its bigger brothers.  Everyone that flies with me in the Remos GX comments on how robust of an aircraft it is.  They also rate the Remos GX high on handling characteristics, performance capabilities, as well as overall ease of use. 

It’s no wonder that more people choose the Remos GX over other light sport aircraft when it come time to buy.  I have provided performance specifications below for your convenience.  However, seeing is believing!  If you’re interested in the Remos GX and would like to see for yourself just what this aircraft has to offer. 

Please give us a call, 855-LSA-West and we can get you set up on a demonstration flight.


Cruise speed 130 mph @ 5,400 rpm
Maximum speed 137 mph
Stall speed Full Flaps 44 mph
Stall speed No Flaps 51 mph
Rate of climb 1,280 fpm
Glide ratio 10:1
Take Off Roll Distance 272 ft
Take Off Distance 394 ft
Landing Distance 610 ft
Loading +4 G’s, -2 G’s
Maximum Range 550 sm / 480 nm
Maximum Endurance 6.5 hrs @ 4,200 rpm
Fuel Consumption 3.5 gph @ 4,200 rpm
Powerplant Rotax 912 U L-S, 100 hp


Wingspan 30’ 8”
OverallLength 21’ 4”
Height 7’ 6”
Wing Area 118 sqft
Cockpit Width 3’ 11’”
Main Gear Width 6' 9"
Useable Fuel Capacity 21 gallons (US)
Total Fuel Capacity 22 gallons (US)

Vspeeds (mph / kts)



Maneuvering speed 108 / 94
VAPP Approach airspeed 75 / 65
VNO Maximum airspeed in turbulence 123 / 107
VFE Speed range, Flaps extended 44-81 / 38-70
VH Maximum speed in level ight 137 / 119
VNE N ever exceed speed 155 / 134
VREF 1.3 x Vso 57 / 49
VSO Min. airspeed, Flaps extended (40°) 44 / 38
VS Min. airspeed, Flaps retracted (0°) 51 / 44
VX Best angle of climb 68-75 / 59-65
VY Best rate of climb 85-88 / 73-76


Empty Weight
670 lbs
Maximum Take Off Weight
1,320 lbs
Useful Load
650 lbs


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