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Helicopter To Airplane Conversion

*Tuition is based on hours listed above, actual cost may vary depending on hours required to obtain rating. Training books and check ride fees not included.

Prerequisites for Accelerated Course:

  • Must hold an Equivalent FAA Helicopter License
Tuition $12,040*  
Commercial Time Building (If Required): $3,321* 30 Hours


Private Pilot Course $4,088*  
Flight Training: 25 Hours
Dual 15 Hours
Solo 10 Hours
Ground: 15 Hours
Instrument Course: $3,146*  
Flight Training: 20 Hours
Dual 15 Hours
Solo 5 Hours
Ground: 10 Hours
Commercial Course: $4,806*  
Flight Training: 25 Hours
Dual 20 Hours
Solo 5 Hours
Ground: 20 Hours







GxeLITE 133924.00 USD

Remos GX 0.00 USD

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