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Certified Flight Instructor Pro Course | CFI Pro


  • Fuel surcharges are subject to change with fuel price changes. Fuel is included up to $4.50/ Gal.
  • Above figures reflect costs for hours of flight and instructor time as noted, we do not guarantee student will obtain all anticipated ratings in specified time.
  • Housing & Transportation beyond 6 months will be charged at the current monthly rate.
  • Transportation from and to DFW International Airport is $100 each way.
  • The Program Pricing is subject to change if all conditions of the payment schedule are not met.
  • TSA, fingerprints and any other government fees not included in total price.

Certified Flight Instructor Pro Course

CFI Pilot Course(C182) Hours Cost
Flight Time 20 $3,140
Instruction 20 $900
Pre/ Post Flight Instruction 10 $450
Written Exams   $300
Total 50 $4,790


CFII Pilot Course(CE172) Hours Cost
Flight Time 9 $1,053
Instruction 14 $630
Flight Instruction 35 $1,575
Simulator 5 $175
Pre/ Post Flight Instruction 20 $450
Written Exam   $150
Total 38 $2,458


MEI Course(Seneca) Hours Cost
Flight Time 15 $3,600
Instruction 15 $720
Pre/ Post Flight Instruction 7.5 $338
Total 37.5 $4,658


CFI Pilot Course   $0
CFII Pilot Course   $350
MEI Pilot Course   $350
Total   $450


CFI Deluxe Kit   $300
Additional Books   $100
Miscellaneous Supplies   $100
Total   $500


CFI Pro Ground School 100 $1,499
1-20 Fee   $150
Administration Fee   $600
Estimated Fuel Surcharge   $408
Uniforms   $100
Insurance   $390
Lodging & Transportation(4 months)   $2,050
Total   $5,197
Total Training Cost   $18,303


Payment Schedule

$3,000 Due Before Arrival at US Aviation Academy
$3,000 Due On Arrival
$2,000 Minimum Allowable Account Balance


Hourly Rates

Cessna 182 $157
Cessna 172 $117
Seneca $240
Simulator $35
Instructor $45


Course Summary (PPL- CPL)

Single - Engine 29
Multi - Engine 15
Total Flight Time 44
Simulator 5
Grand Total 49





GxeLITE 133924.00 USD

Remos GX 0.00 USD

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